cfaxI had the great opportunity to talk with Shirley Broback from Real Parenting on CFAX 1070 about the No More Mommy Wars! photo project.

Here is the link to Mommy Wars podcast.

(our interview starts at 35:45… after Raffi… RAFFI?! hello.)

The night before the interview I madly scribbled notes and stared at the wall in terror and grilled John.

Me: How does this sound? … … … Oh my god, I am going to sound ridiculous. What if I hiccup or burp or… what if I just blank AND FORGET HOW TO TALK?

John: Um, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Just-

Shauna: [head in hands] Holy, holy, holy. Ooooohhh… what if I sound terrible? I am going to sound terrible. Why do I say “Uh” so much? I say “like” every second word. Oh boy.

John: You’re going to do great. Just have fun.

He was right. It was incredibly fun. Nerve-racking (as Anna, Sarah-Jane and I sat in the waiting area before it was our turn to go into the sound booth I had to put a concerted effort into keeping my hands from shaking), but once we got started an absolute blast.

I mean, we got to wear the cool headphones. Everything after that was gravy.

Having this opportunity reminded me of the universality of the mommy war issue. We all deal with this in some way or another. Whether we feel judgement from strangers or loved ones… or from ourselves, we are all searching for a way to parent from a place of strength and security.


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