The glimmers of Aurora

One of the moms in our online support groups for moms shared this piece by Cyril Rolando of France and I reached out to him about his work (shared with permission):

As written by Cyril:

The first artwork, from an endless series, related to my daughter, Aurore.

Your story begins shortly after I met your mother, but we weren’t ready to welcome a new life yet.
Our love has become hard to contain, so we get married to share this happiness with our family.
Then, each one of our hearts has released a spark of life, a glimmer of you was growing inside,
Today, you are dancing in your mother’s womb, you are not so far, we can feel it under our hands,
You are the dawn of a new world, my little light bringer. We will be there to support and guide you.

About Cyril Rolando: Cyril Rolando - Moms Uniting Moms

I am a french psychologist. I draw digitally since 2004. I like to work around the emotional aspect of humans and the colors of life. I live in the southern France. My artistic approach is set between surreal and fantasy style… in one word: Otherworldly. I never took art course that’s why I have few anatomy/perspective notions.
I work with intuition to compensate for this lack of knowledge and venture into colors.

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