As you provide your home an overall cleaning from the top to bottom, we usually tend to forget cleaning some of the places in our home. Check out the list below to know which areas are usually missed as we clean our homes:

Below large appliances

Cleaning around and beneath our stove and fridge might appear to be a difficult task. However, this must be done regularly. It’s usual for food waste, dust, and dirt to build up in these places. As you clean the area of your fridge, make sure to pull away from the device from the wall. This is a great time to clean your fridge’s coils behind with a coil cleaning brush or a vacuum cleaning. Then, wash the sides and walls of your refrigerator using water, a bit of soap, and a damp cloth. Put it back in place after. This can be applied for your stove as well.

Shower Curtains

The best breeding ground for mold and mildew is on your shower curtains. You do not have to replace or throw away your shower curtains once it becomes dirty. Place your liner and shower curtain in the washing machine and put some detergent and one cup of baking soda. Trust us, this will work like magic.

Light switches and doorknobs

These places are touched several times per day. Never neglect to regularly wipe them to maintain the cleanliness of your home and to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading. Utilize a damp cloth with a little soap or a multipurpose cleaner to keep them free of germs.

Ceiling fans

You need to dust off your ceiling fans using a pillowcase as it traps the dust in, rather than spreading it on your space.

Remote controls

Our remote controls collect germ very well and it is touched by almost everybody in the house. You need to take out the batteries once per week and wipe the remote using a damp cloth with a cleaner or a wet wipe. Place the batteries back in then you’re good to go to see your favorite TV shows. If you don’t have sufficient time to clean all these areas all by yourself, you can always opt to hire a cleaning service.

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