Mommy Wars

We had our photo shoot at the end of August… it was crazy. And awesome.

It was crazy-awesome.

Four hours of mom and babe mahem! The moms were amazing. The babes were even better. Everyone (that is 32 women, y’all) was on time or EARLY. Moms sat on couches and chairs and the floor and babes toddled and babbled and checked out new-to-them toys. We ate and gabbed and modelled for the ridiculously talented Vivian Kereki and IT WAS FUN.

On more than one occasion there were tears. We are standing together against being judged for our choices and our realities as moms. Sometimes what is stirred up is raw and it hurts. But standing there together made it better. It did. We laughed and at the risk of sounding painfully mushy and touchy-feely, I think a little bit of that hurt healed.

Standing and milling and bumping around in that house we held signs declaring our truths and we knew we were safe in doing so. How often do we get a chance to lay bare our vulnerabilities? It feels good.

Not long now until the big reveal! The photo launch will be at the beginning of October.

Can’t wait.

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