It’s #moms4moms Day, y’all!

Moms for Moms Day is a day for all moms to show their support for judgment-free motherhood. It’s an initiative from CTWorkingMoms and TheBump inspired by the Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood.

Here in Victoria, BC, Canada we were inspired to do our own photoshoot: No More Mommy Wars! and we had a GREAT TIME spreading the message of support!

“Be curious, not judgmental” is a quote that inspires me to be more compassionate to my fellow colleagues in motherhood. Before jumping to conclusions or feeling defensive I think it is important stop and consider what other moms are dealing with. Being a mom is a big job and I choose to believe that 99.9% of us are trying to do the very best we can given our circumstances and the information we have.

So Mommy On, moms! And Happy Moms For Moms Day!

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