Lean In Moms Uniting Moms– April 2016: Kidspot (Australia) Mums unite! 16 images that remind us why there’s no place for mummy wars

– November 2015: The Quint (India) These Lovely Photos Show How Mommies Can Stop Judging Each Other

– November 2015: Lean In (Facebook)

– November 2015: Babyblog.nl (Netherlands) Fotoserie: deze mama’s zijn klaar met al die oordelen!

– November 2015: Upworthy 21 photos of moms who are all done with the ‘Mommy Wars.’

– November 2015: Doug + Lisa Show (tv) Moms Uniting Moms

– November 2015: Ravishly No More Mommy Wars – A Canadian Viral Photo Project

– May 2014: CNN One way to end the ‘mommy wars’

– November 2013: National Association of Mothers’ Centers NAMC Staff Picks

– October 2013: Museum of Motherhood No More Mommy Wars: Promoting a Judgement-Free Space for Mothers

– October 2013: BabyCenter Making peace with the mommy wars through photography

– October 2013: BlogHer No More Mommy Wars: What Would Your Sign Say?

– October 2013: Real Parenting, CFAX 1070 (podcast starts at 20:00) Raising kids with character not entitlement + Judgement free motherhood + Autism Conference + Halloween

– October 2013: Parentdish Canada (AOL) The Mommy Wars Have to Stop!

– October 2013: CBC All Points West Mommy wars (podcast)

– September 2013: Times Colonist Family 411: Victoria mother calls for truce in ‘Mommy Wars’

– August 2013: Real Parenting, CFAX 1070 (podcast starts at 35:45) Raffi: Need for social media reform + Mom Panel: Judge free motherhood


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– Facebook: Pinky McKay 27,000 likes

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