The following is a guest post by the wonderful Michelle Noehren, Founder of I love what Michelle has to say about judgment and our power as mothers and as people.

Back in June of this year the bloggers of got together to do something special. We held a photo shoot in which we encouraged moms to be united, not divided by the media created “mommy wars.” Each mom makes her own decisions on how to raise her children and what to do with her body, and those decisions are hers alone. It shouldn’t matter whether someone breastfeeds or bottle feeds, sleeps with their child or doesn’t, had a homebirth or had a c-section. These are all very personal matters and we can never truly know the reasons why a mom makes a choice differently than we would.


We love that the No More Mommy Wars! photo project was inspired by our photo shoot. The photos are beautiful and the message is clear – the mommy wars are silly and we should be supporting each other instead of judging each other.

One part of this conversation that I feel needs addressing is this: if you have a judgmental thought about another mom you are not a bad person. In fact, unless you have been actively working on being a less judgmental person, it’s natural to have thoughts about other people’s parenting choices if they are different from your own. The way we begin to really create judgement-free motherhood is by catching ourselves in these thoughts, noticing them and choosing to let them go. We all have the power to stop judging other people and it starts simply by noticing we are doing it. Then, it’s completely up to us whether to follow that judgy/negative thought or to embrace a sense of sisterhood by saying to ourselves “each mom makes her own choices and we’re all in this together.”

Change starts within and sisterhood is oh-so-powerful. I hope that the beautiful images here from M.U.M. and the images from CTWorkingMoms Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood inspire you to choose love, to let go of judgements and to expand the depths of your compassion for others. We can make the world a better place for moms by simply starting with ourselves.

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Michelle is the founder & manager of She lives in Connecticut with her husband Dan and 2-year-old daughter. During the day she works full-time doing event planning & project management at a job she loves. In her “free” time she can be found working on her website, spending lots of time chasing around her toddler, taking classes at her local Buddhist meditation center and hanging out with her hubz. Her core values as a mom and as a person include universal compassion, kindness and love.

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