In April 2012 my daugher was born.

Sleepless and bewildered and sore and thirsty and lonely and happy and humbled and unsure and bored and confused and in love happened.

In May 2012, out of sheer desperation for contact with other human beings who were capable of sustained eye contact, I started a Facebook group for moms going through the same.

As the group grew I was often asked if administrating the group was a challenge. People wanted to know if it was difficult to manage the in-fighting they assumed would be part of an online group of moms. It really wasn’t an issue. The purpose of the group was clear and despite our growing numbers, everyone seemed to stand behind the spirit of the group:

This is a SAFE place to share your ideas and questions- some of us cosleep, some don’t, some of us work outside of the home, some are SAHMs… for all our differences 100% of us want the very best for our babes. This is a Judge-Free Zone.

A little over a year later I came across a link to a the Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood, a photo project run by CT Working Moms.ctworkingmoms_logo

(we’re going to take a little break to give you a chance to check out the fabulousness. go on. I’ll wait.)

Tired of the mommy wars that run rampant online and off, CT Working Moms launched their photo project to combat the unnecessary fighting. In the photos women stood together, often smiling, holding signs representing the “sides” moms often find themselves on: breastfeeding/formula feeding, TV/no TV, religion/no religion.

Quoting Michelle Noehren, Founder of CT Working Moms about their photo shoot [via]:

We took on a lot of the issues the media uses to pit mom against mom and reclaimed them with a sense of sisterhood. You make the choices best for you, I’ll make the choices best for me, and while our choices will often times differ, let’s choose to love one another instead of critique. Can you imagine how beautiful the world would be if we all adopted this compassionate attitude?

I’m not going to lie, people, I kinda fell in love. Here we were WAY over in Victoria, BC, Canada working together with a whole slew of women on the importance of supporting each other in our parenting efforts and there was a group WAY over in Connecticut, USA launching a ridiculously beautiful project about just that!

Inspired, I reached out to Michelle telling her I was interested in lending a voice to the important message they were spreading. She was excited. I was excited. Soon the whirlwind ensued.

I reached out to my local Facebook group of committed, supportive moms, I reached out to local photographer Vivian Kereki and very soon 40+ moms in Victoria, BC, Canada were having important discussions about motherhood, judgement and community.

I am very excited to share our photos with you… coming soon!

~ Read a post written by Michelle Noehren ~

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