The following is a guest post from Megan, a contributor for Red Stick Moms Blog. The hope Megan describes is all too familiar- it took my husband and I two years to get pregnant. Weathering the hope and meganwall3disappointment over and over takes its toll. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Megan!

After about two years of marriage, my husband and I decided that we would begin to start our family.  This was in October of 2006.  I really believed that I had it timed perfectly; if we conceived immediately (which I honestly thought would happen), we would be pregnant in time to tell my family in Connecticut during our trip there for Thanksgiving.


Discovering that we were, indeed, not pregnant began a series of disappointments for me that would last roughly four years.

For the next several years, I desperately held on to the hope that I would eventually become a mother.  That’s the thing with infertility; hope becomes an overarching theme in your life.  You can never know with any assurance that the medications, the injections, the surgeries, the financial investments will ever work, but you can hope.  You can never know for sure if you will one day have a child of your own, but you never let go of that hope that you one day will.  The ache, that never-ending longing to have a child of your own, doesn’t diminish over time.  It just hurts worse.

A few of my closest friends became pregnant and welcomed children into their lives during this time.   This was extremely difficult because I wanted so badly to be happy for them, but my overwhelming jealousy wouldn’t allow me to be.  I couldn’t quite figure out how to embrace my childless life and celebrate their growing bellies and beautiful babies.  I soon began to feel as though there were two clubs: one was reserved for the lucky moms and their babies, and the other club was for those of us who could not, for whatever reason, have children.  This was a club that nobody wanted to be a part of.  It was lonely, bitter, and sad.

Finally, after several years of trying, my husband and I decided to attempt in-vitro.  This was not an easy decision.  Not only was it extremely costly, but it seemed extremely invasive and scary as well.  We made an appointment with the bank to request a $30,000 loan.  Our meeting was scheduled for a Friday.

That Wednesday we found out we were pregnant.

We could not believe it.  We were so amazed by this news that I think it took our entire pregnancy for it to sink in!

During my pregnancy, I never felt like a mother.  I definitely felt a bond with Matthew as he grew and moved in my womb, but I was so afraid of embracing the identity of mother.  I never believed throughout my entire pregnancy, that I would have a living, breathing child at the end.  I could not shake my infertility.


My C-Section was amazing.  It all happened so quickly, and before I knew it, an entire roomful of doctors and nurses began cheering in celebration.  My husband looked at me tearfully.  My mother exclaimed that he was beautiful.  And Matthew screamed throughout.  It was such an amazing sound.  But, because of the fact that I had a C-Section, a great deal of time passed before I could hold him or even get close to him (probably just a minute or two, but it felt like forever).

He screamed and screamed as they bathed, weighed, and measured him.  His cries continued as my husband held him.  Finally, after they completed my surgery, I was allowed to get close.   The nurse placed him on my chest for me to hold him.  As he cried, I began to whisper in his ear, “It’s me, Matthew.  It’s Mommy.”  Immediately, he stopped crying and looked in my direction.  It was as if he had done a double take.  I realized in that moment that he needed no introduction.  He knew me.  He recognized my heartbeat.  He knew my voice.

It was in that moment that I truly understood that my infertility journey was over, and that finally, miraculously, I was a mother.

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Megan is a contributor to Red Stick Moms Blog. She and her husband Kenny live in Baton Rouge with their two sons, Matthew and Benjamin.

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  1. Missy says:

    Thank you for sharing your story of your infertility journey. More stories like this need to be told so that we as a society learn to accept that infertility is a medical condition, a very painful one at that.
    We struggled with unexplained infertility for 3 years. After years of heartache, thousands of dollars, injections, tests, and procedures we were successful on our first IVF cycle.
    I am so pleased that the Red Stick Moms Blog is covering the topic of infertility.

    • Shauna says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience as well! It’s so true- the more we talk about this the more awareness and compassion there will be.

      Congratulations to you on your little one 🙂

    • Megan Wall says:

      I agree! I think that the more we share our infertility stories, the more others will understand how difficult it truly is. More than that, though, it helps those of us walking through it understand that we are not alone!

  2. Ashley Ballard says:

    Great job, Megan! (Insert tears) I’m so thankful/humbled/blessed to be your friend and to have walked with you through your journey to motherhood. Your story is amazing and gives hope to so many. Thanks for sharing! Love you.

    • Shauna says:

      Megan’s story really is a very beautiful one! Thank you so much to Red Stick Moms Blog for your support and contributions to!

  3. Allison says:

    Megan- I am proud that we are a part of RSMB together. Like Ashley, I am tearfully writing this comment. Your story is an inspiration to ALL mothers.

  4. Kathy says:

    This is a beautiful story and very much like my story. I also have a Matthew that was born on feb 15 of this year. It took me 9 years which included many miscarriages, surgeries and procedures… including IVF. I’m so happy for you!

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