This is what motherhood looks like. We breastfeed, we formula feed. We struggle with infertility, our babies are happy surprises. We’re rich, we’re poor. We’re gay, we’re straight. We use soothers, we don’t. We laugh. We cry.Mommy Wars

And through it all we support each other. (M.U.M.) is a site dedicated to moms supporting each other in motherhood. This is a safe community. Sometimes we share tough information and views we might not agree with, but our discussions are free of shaming- no mud slinging here! (Scientific American posted a great article recently: Why Is Everyone on the Internet So Angry?) was founded by Shauna Stewart Douglas. Shauna lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada with her husband, her spunky daughter and her two crazy dogs. You can find her on her personal blog at Fido & Wino. was inspired by a series of support groups for moms she started shortly after her daughter was born. The goal of the groups was to create a judge-free zone where moms could share their ideas and questions in a safe place.

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Our first online mom community started back in 2012. We wrote the name of the group on little pieces of paper and handed it out to women holding adorable, squishy babies… and voila! A whole gaggle of bleary eyed women to chat with at 2 o’clock in the morning was at our fingertips! Learn more about the Mommble community.

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Jump into the discussion: check out what the moms in your community are discussing right now such as #circumcision, #formulafeeding, #breastfeeding and #celebrity. Upvote, add links and add to the discussion!

No More Mommy Wars!: a photo project

The No More Mommy Wars! photo project was launched in September 2013 and was inspired by’s Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood.

Over 30 Victoria, BC moms from the original support group came together to brainstorm and model for the final product.

They have bravely shared their truths in order to send a very powerful message to moms everywhere:

We support you in motherhood. No More Mommy Wars!


Please enjoy the photos!

Check out our mom panel on the Doug + Lisa Show!

  1. Ashley Ramer says:

    I have been judged ever since my girl was born. I apparently made all the wrong choices, did all the wrong things as a mom. But here’s the thing. I stood up for myself, after bawling and months and months and numerous people approaching me. I stood up in a Starbucks. I finally stood up to those moms who judge other moms. Obviously you ladies definitely did it in a more constructive manner.
    Thank-you for supporting each other, thank-you for giving each other a safe place to share stories, and just be moms. We need more women like all of you in this ugly mothering world we live in. Thank-you for trying to make it beautiful again. But most of all thank-you for being strong women.

    Ashley Ramer

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